Employment Termination

When terminating an Employee, numerous concerns are relevant; and UpScale Security will be ready to assist with pre-planning consultation or security arrangements to prevent or respond to potential workplace violence.  If your company policy allows, a suspension may be a 1st option preceding termination, which may allow the employee to adjust to the separation, especially if an unfinished investigation is pending and exact evidence may affect the final decision. Some preparations may include: 

  • Employee Background: The employee(s) criminal and or behavior background may be vital to the planning of the termination and should not be overlooked or assumed
  • Possible Violence: We would hope this never occur, yet being prepared will help prevent and or minimize injuries. A detailed plan should include the possible behavior of the employees to be ready for the unexpected as well
  • Potential Property damage: Arrangements may be needed to safeguard property loss whether theft of vandalism, and or confidential info, to include other business locations
  • Private Security Officers: When selecting this option, the security officer's training and experience is vital to a possible encounter to deescalate the terminated employee from violent acts or appropriate response for others safety.  For this duty, officers are carefully selected and required to have the specific experience and training; also, the Client has the option to know the officer's prerequisites for this duty.  The officer may be uniform or plain clothes, unarmed or armed; and this may vary with many considerations to review
  • Uniformed and Plain Clothed Law Enforcement Officer: Sometimes this may be added to Private Security, especially if the employee has an arrest warrant, mentally unstable, is expected to become violent, and or is known to be armed
  • Termination Date, Time, Place: The date, time, place of the meeting, when to inform the employee of the termination, needs consideration and all details concerning the staff and public safety, in the event any violence occurs, or force needs to be used to escort the employee off the premises
  • After Termination: Based on some of the former information, plans should include possible employee retaliation for violence of any criminal actions if expected or as a precaution
  • Employee Termination planning: The decision should be made whether the responsibility to terminate an employee is the job of the employee’s manager, HR manager, or other manager to be present.  For the employee meeting, each situation may be evaluated differently, based on the conditions of the employee’s behavior and what is known; yet to be prepared for the unknown and other factors, like how the termination will affect the employee’s personal life financially and socially.